Whimsy Chair Makeover: How To Paint Fabric, Distress With SurfPrep Pads, Paint Polka Dots, and More!

Meet “Whimsy Willow”

Let's Learn how to paint fabric using chalk mineral paints! This vintage chair spoke to me with her feminine curves and tufted upholstery, I knew she would be perfect for this whimsical furniture makeover!

To start, I cleaned the wood with White Lightning then rinsed with water, sprayed disinfectant on fabric, and used vinegar and water spray to lightly mist and remove any dust in the button holes! I grabbed my synthetic round brush and a mister bottle to begin painting the fabric.

I sprayed the upholstery until damp, then I sprayed the brush! I used the chalk mineral paint color The Gulf, by Dixie Paint Company!

I painted two coats like this, before I began painting the wood in Holy Guacamole, again with two coats!

(watch my video of this fabric painting step, at the bottom of this blog)