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Boho Kitchen, How To Make Concrete Countertops Over Laminate, Painted Cabinets, How To Paint Tile

This was such a labor of love folks! Our fixer upper home had a kitchen eye sore for sure! Orange oak dated cabinets, brown laminate countertops, and basic white bathroom tile.

Sorry this was original photo from like 1993 I think 😆 still looked just like this 🙈

First I tackled the cabinets, it was always a dream to have a mint green kitchen- so Sea Glass was the natural choice!

For the lowers we knew we wanted a darker contrasting color in the same family. We first tried a navy blue, but quickly realized that it needed more of a teal, so Antebellum Blue was the perfect choice!

For the hardware, I had planned on painting that old brass hardware with copper patina paint, until a dear friend reached out and said she had hardware I may want. We absolutely did want it, wow how some painted porcelain hardware really adds to the boho vibe! 💙🤍

Changing hardware unfortunately meant we would have to fill and drill holes to make them work, but soooo worth it! Luckily with Dixie Mud it’s super easy, just apply then let dry couple hours, then apply again then using a sanding sponge to lightly sand back!

*the knobs were found at a thrift store, but Hobby Lobby has some similar ones that would work perfectly!

Next, it was time to tackle that dated generic white bathroom tile- ha! Naturally we wanted beautiful new shiny Subway tiles, but knew there had to be another option. So the stalking begin, and I went deep down a rabbit hole in Pinterest looking at allllllll the subway tiles. I decided I could get a similar look by simply adding black grout, but quickly decided nope, replacing my grout is not going to happen 🙅🏼! I figured if so many people were tinting their grout mixture to be black BEFORE applying it, why couldn’t I paint my EXISTING grout? So that’s exactly what I did using the new Silk “Black Sands” by Dixie Belle, (Midnight Sky works as well)! I applied to the grout using my handy dandy fingertips and after some research, I learned that grout sealer is basically a hard drying food safe oil- so I sealed with HowdyDoo Hemp Oil! What a difference this quick update made, just wow!

Watch my “Subway Tile” tutorial below👇🏻

Then finally the awful laminate countertops- we of course wanted concrete and didn’t want to pay for slabs to be brought in .... soooo to google and Pinterest I went! After much research of what materials builders and concrete countertop specialists recommend and had used- I then checked to see what many diy’ers had failed and succeeded at.... then I finally felt confident to just began!

I cleaned them with White Lightening and rinsed with water, then began priming them with Slick Stick- an adhering agent made for laminate or any other slick surface!

After drying overnight, the fun began- applying the first thin coat of concrete using a silicone kitchen spatula! (Links are at the end of this post for the exact products used 💙)

Then another overnight dry time...

Finally I applied the second coat of concrete the same way, then another night of drying time. Now it’s time to wet sand and paint!

*Watch my video tutorial below to see step by step how to create a stained concrete look with paint!

After Wet Sanding & Before Painting !

Then I added a black caulk line using painters tape, to seal between concrete and the tile! I also used clear silicone to seal around edge of sink.

After Adding Black Caulk Line 🖤

At last, I sealed the cabinets with Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin, two coats and then sealed the countertops in Gator Hide, 3 coats (allowing overnight dry time between coats)! They are amazing and have so far stood up to dropping a metal meat hammer, spilt mulled wine from Halloween night, and oil splatter from cooking greasy burgers! I of course cleaned them promptly by spaying a rag with Method cleaner or just water worked great as well!

*Watch my Concrete Countertop Video Tutorial below to see every step!

Recipe for Cabinets:

-White Lightening Cleaner

-Sea Glass

-Antebellum Blue

-Clear Coat Satin

Recipe for Subway Tile:

-Midnight Sky

-Howdy Doo Hemp Oil

-Applicator Pads

Recipe For Countertops:

-Slick Stick

-Mason Dixon Gray

-Hurricane Gray


-Mud Puddle

-Gator Hide

-Sanding Sponges

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS For Your Bohemian Kitchen Here👇🏻:

WATCH The Concrete Countertops Video Here:

WATCH The Subway Tile Video Here:


-Dap Black Caulk

-Flexible Silicone Spoon Spatula

-Painter’s Tape w/ Plastic Sheeting *Some of these links may be affiliate links and I may earn a small credit for those orders, this blog/video are not sponsored by anyone. *Disclaimer- this is my first time doing concrete overlay and although I believe this to be the best products and techniques to have the best opportunity for long lasting results- we take zero responsibility for the results of this project as much of this will depend on many variables (I.e. application, wear, use, etc).

Happy Painting & Concrete Laying 👷🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🎨



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