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Table Makeover: Thrift Store Find, Boho-Style, Anthropologie Side Table

Meet “Anastasia Afterthought”

This piece started out being inspired by a 1940's travel brochure acquired from my late father in law's travels! I was attracted to the colors and the girl on it, so retro! I never paint in solid, block colors and sharp lines like this before- and well it just didn't translate. I was super disappointed after many hours of painting all the detail and even adding an old camper on the bottom shelf- it just wasn't right!

I of course had to fight this as long as I could, so I waited until I staged it to absolutely hate it!


So back to the drawing board I went that very night, completely repainting until 1am! I decided on completely boho "Anthropologie Style" by looking at about 500 pictures of vintage quilts and room after room designed with Anthropologie Home decor. I finally had enough inspiration to sketch out a design on the top, and use some 1960's leg warmers to inspire these super cute legs!

I totally could imagine this in Anthropologie now and it makes me smile with all the warm jewel tones!

Recipe of Dixie Belle Paint for Boho Table:

-Custom Blend of Apricot and drop of Evergreen (Main “nude” color)

-Barn Red

-Antebellum Blue



-The Gulf

-Clear Coat Flat to seal

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS For Your Boho Table Here👇🏻:

WATCH her TikTok Video Here:

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Happy Painting



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