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How to Paint a Vintage Vanity Table | Vintage Pinup | How To Decoupage on Wood

Meet “Cabaret Dreams”

Liza said it best when she said...

The cabaret is a metaphor for the ways we try to mask our pain, to find happiness, but it often comes at the expense of our dignity.

This vanity is so very moody, she has shades of light and dark and like many of us, she tries to hide them behind a painted face of beauty. I picture her as a place where the star of the cabaret tossed her bouquets of roses after the show, and where she browsed the fashion magazines imagining she looked like the woman in the pages...

vintage pinups paper

The inspiration for this one was the art by Anissa from Niss & That, that is displayed so perfectly in this piece of decoupage paper by Bubblegum Yum! This dressing table demanded nothing less than a dramatic statement!

This piece was such a wonderful experience, as Anissa and I decided to have a painting day in her studio, filled with tales from the past, excitement for the future, and yes that pink, pink, sky!


I began with a base coat of Apricot...

Marilyn Monroe Furniture

I then came in with Honky Tonk Red creating almost a highlighted halo effect using Easy Peasy Spray Wax and a dry brush around her body! Muscadine Wine was my choice for a deeply worn leg color!

Marilyn Monroe Decoupage Paper


Then we had to give the other side just enough to compliment her partner, without stealing the show! (little cabaret reference there for ya ;) This was an old sheet of tissue wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby, applied with my favorite decoupage medium, Gator Hide...

*(video below of how to apply decoupage paper to have a worn look like this)

How to decoupage with tissue paper

I knew she needed more... The Woodubend Moulding, a Chrysanthemum flower would be exactly perfect to somehow make this vanity door resemble a corset right out of the Cabaret itself!

furniture appliqué molds


Then Anissa swore I needed to keep this beautiful walnut top, so to refresh her I simply added some Best Dang Wax in Black and wiped it back to reveal every single grain this wood had to reveal!

how to wax furniture

Repaired the original moulding, super easy using Dixie Belle Mud and then used the new Gemstone Mousse in Garnet to highlight this detail like it deserves!


and of course my signature decoupaged interior doors!

how to decoupage on wood furniture

using old ads I cut from vintage Life and Women's Journal magazines, just a bit of black wax and they remind her of her beauty regimens daily..

how to decoupage on wood furniture


We can't forget about what lies beneath her exterior, what you see when you lean in and see past the initial pretty smile...

The underneath of this vanity was painted in plum crazy and a spot of Amethyst for DRAMA ...

How to blend paint


Finally her debut...

her official photoshoot, to make her feel like she belongs in those magazine pages with all the pretty faces...

Marilyn Monroe Furniture

decoupaging newspaper

P.S. she's available for purchase...if she is tugging on your inner heart strings, maybe you should listen... (yes we do ship, just click on her picture or message me)

vintage makeup table

vintage vanity


Recipe of products of Dixie Belle Paint to create this Cabaret vanity look:


-Honky Tonk Red

-Muscadine Wine (legs)

-Plum Crazy


-Easy Peasy Spray Wax (blending)

-Best Dang Wax Black (top and to add grunge in all the creases)

-Gemstone Mousse Garnet (to highlight details)

-Gator Hide (for decoupage medium and top of her to seal)

-Clear Coat Flat (to seal body of piece)

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WATCH the process here on YOUTUBE:

WATCH my day at Anissa's Instagram Reel Here:

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Happy Painting



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