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Nightstand Makeover Ideas | How To Paint Romantic Grunge | Dixie Belle Transfers | Field Of Flowers

Meet Astoria Absent... this nightstand was more than just a bedroom makeover, this piece represents an internal makeover as well. Astoria tells a story of a life thought picture perfect, the abrupt ending that wasn't, and the abandonment as she stares down from her balloon ...

A breakdown of the painted recipe for this finish:

To Prep:

- White Lightning Cleaner:

To Paint Base:

- Rebel Yellow:

- Rusty Nail:

To Create Outer Frame:

-Woodubend Trim, to create a "frame" if you don't have an inlay:

- Silkscreen Stencil, Lace (optional):

- Blue Sponge to apply paint to silkscreen stencil:

Furniture Transfer:

- Field of Flowers Transfer:

(*if you choose to add the single bicycle and balloon, you will need the Steampunk Transfer and Hot Air Balloons and Clocks Transfer, but this is optional for this finish!)

To Add the Grunge:

- Vintage Duck Egg:

- Best Dang Wax Clear:

- Best Dang Wax Black:

- Plastic Spatula

- Best Dang Wax Brush:

- Applicator Pad to buff back the Wax, (*also can be used to apply the Clear wax):

To Seal:

- Clear Coat Flat (once wax is buffed back and completely dry):


Below are the step by step instructions and details for this look, and if you prefer a video, here is a quick tutorial:


<**If you like this romantic grunge finish, check out the dresser I just finished here!:>

Step 1 Prep:

Clean well with white lightning and rinse, then if going over laminate nightstand, be sure to apply a coat of slick stick and let dry fully.

Step 2 Base Coat:

Apply a coat of Rebel Yellow over the entire piece with a dry brush, (I prefer the Scarlet brush), and just one sparse coat. Next apply Rusty Nail with a dry brush, sparse around the outside to create a distressed "frame" even if your piece has no inlay. (*you could also use Woodubend Trim to create your own frame on any piece) Then you may apply the Lace Silkscreen Stencil along one side/corner, and use the Blue Sponge to apply the Rusty Nail! (*intentionally missing spots on edges etc, will form a distressed worn stencil look!)

Step 3:

Open up the full Field of Flowers transfer and then take one half of it and cut off the outer white edge all the way to where the actual picture starts, then measure your space and cut out accordingly! (*I simply place the transfer into the inlay and use my fingernail to crease all around the edges then cut along those crease lines)

Step 4:

Please your cut out piece of transfer into your space and begin rubbing it on with your wooden stick included in your transfer tube. You will begin to see some white bubbles form as in my pic below, those are the backing releasing the transfer! Carefully begin to pull back the backing slowly, to check that that transfer has adhered to your piece. If not, lay backing back in that corner, and rub harder again until fully adhered to the piece! Once backing is removed, "burnish" entire transfer esp the edges, with a shop towel or rag by rubbing in circular motion and heavy pressure to ensure all air bubbles are out! (*If applying the Steampunk Transfer's bicycle and the Hot Air Balloons and Clocks' single balloon, you would now apply them directly over the Field of Flowers and then burnish the same way!)

Step 5:

Using Vintage Duck Egg and a plastic spatula, tap the edge of the spatula into the tiniest bit of paint, (*I typically just use the lid of my paint jar since the paint is a bit thicker there). Take the spatula and tap the edge on the piece then lay the spatula flat to spread out quickly almost like you are rubbing it in! I do this in the corners, around the edges of the frame, and to eliminate or disguise the seam of the transfer where the top and bottom meet, (*watch the video to see exactly how I disguise the seam!)

Step 6:

Finally, I apply Best Dang Wax Clear all over the piece, including the transfer, using the Best Dang Brush! After covered I use a synthetic artist brush to apply Best Dang Wax Black in all creases and corners and dry brushed lightly over the Vintage Duck Egg grunge! After no more than 15 min, be sure to buff back lightly the Best Dang Wax over the whole piece using an Applicator Pad!


Ta-Da! you can almost "feel it" this transfer combined with the Romantic Grunge creates an almost mesmerizing picture...

Happy painting,



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