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Old World Dresser Makeover | Romantic Grunge | Dixie Belle Paint Ideas | Furniture Flip

This vintage dresser makeover was hand-painted in a green old world finish using Dixie Belle Paint! The piece was given to us by a new neighbor, as it was headed for the curb!

Here's what he looked like before...

I first ran a sanding sponge over to remove any loose chippy paint and cleaned with white lightning and rinsed well. Time to paint!

I used a dry scarlet, (a synthetic wide brush), and misted slightly with my continuous fine mist water bottle filled with 3/4 water, 1/4 vinegar. I used the Dixie Belle Paint colors starting at the bottom and moving up in order of Tree Frog Green, Collard Greens, Pure Ocean, Mint Julep, Sea Glass, and Cotton.

Next, I used the green patina spray, just a couple quick squirts, to the middle and top, then quickly dried with a heat gun to avoid them dripping. I was going for those spots that look so cool and authentic!

Then I knew he needed more ornate character, so Woodubend was the obvious answer! I added those super cool keyholes first....

These top pieces of Woodubend simply MADE this piece! (*don't worry if a moulding doesn't fit, you can simply heat it up a bit with a heat gun or blowdryer, then cut with scissors to fit!)

You cannot forget the romantic grunge hardware! I love adding pigmented color with Voodoo Gel Stain Temptress, with hints of metallic metals using Gilding Wax Copper, and of course Gilding Wax Black for the grit that adds all the character to a piece and reminds us of their story!

I have a video on exactly how I did this hardware below...

Meet Callum... you can almost feel his energy through this photo ...

Paint Recipe of all the supplies needed to create this Romantic Grunge finish....

For the Body:

-White Lightening Cleaner -

-Sea Glass -

-Pure Ocean -

-Tree Frog Green -

-Collard Greens -

-Mint Julep -

-Cotton -

-Scarlet Brush -

-Mister Bottle -

For the Hardware:

-Temptress Voodoo Gel Stain -

-Easy Peasy Spray Wax -

-Gilding Wax in Black and Copper -


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Happy Painting



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