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Meet “Garden of Eden” Vintage Desk Makeover

This desk is what dreams are made of! Spending an afternoon here will inspire your mind to wander to places unknown... Like sitting under a weeping willow tree along a river bank, you can almost see the morning dew dripping off her handles...

We saved this vintage beauty from the dump for sure! It had chipping veneer, broken and missing mouldings and deep gouges in her top! This was a labour of love, adding sea spray texture to many bright dixie belle paint colors not only created an aged romantic grunge finish, but it helped to heal and hide scratches and mud mended veneer. I removed all the original mouldings and replaced with beautiful soft mouldings and trims by Woodubend. Finally, this transfer simply made this look perfect! The wildflowers and herbs were the dainty and naturally wild touch she needed to truly feel romantic!

Recipe for this finish: -Flamingo, Apricot, Farmhouse Green & Holy Guacamole (Base Coat Blend)

-Daisy, Rebel Yellow & Lemonade (inside desk sides base coat blend)

-Sea Spray Texture Additive mixes heavy and thick with the beneath colors will give you the chunky, chippy, and romantic texture you see using colors, Terracotta, Plum Crazy, Fluff, Rebel Yellow, Daisy, Antebellum Blue, Tree Frog Green, Vintage Duck Egg

-Best Dang Wax Black (for the grunge)

-Flamingo and Best Dang Wax Black (for Top)

-Clear Coat Satin (to seal body)

-Gator Hide (to seal top)

-Woodubend Mouldings Scroll #327, Trim #4124 and keyhole

-Hokus Pokus transfer Herbs and Spices

CLICK First picture to get your hands on the paints I used!

CLICK Second picture to order the woodubend mouldings I used!

CLICK Third picture to purchase the transfer I used!


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