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"custom creative sites"


Are you a creative?


Are you ready to turn your hobby or talent into a revenue generating business? This is the first step, to get online! YOUR OWN website is literally the only online way to showcase your work that is truly YOURS, so what are you waiting for?


Oh ya that's right, it's too expensive, it's hard to get started and how do I buy a domain name and hosting, what is that anyway?  Also, what about SEO, will people even see my website in google searches?  Relax, we will help you navigate buying hosting & we help you get your domain for $1 for the first year, and then we take care of all the rest!  Its easy and is affordable even for YOU!


How does it work?



1. Well first, click on the product below, (the typewriter picture), and purchase your site build, then fill out the contact form below so we can contact you to discuss your individual needs!



2. Next, we will help you set-up your hosting directly with the platform (its approx. $28/monthly), this is not going to us- its a standard fee everyone has to pay to have their website live online.  We will walk you through how to do this, takes no time at all! 



3. Then, you will pick your domain, which will be your web address, (cool right)! Your domain is $1 for the first year, (saves you like $100)! We can help you do this as well!



4. Last, we will set-up a call to discuss what you do, how you do it, your style, your business model, etc... we will then let you know what we need from you, (i.e. your short story, your pictures etc etc),  and then we will soon begin building YOUR custom site. Throughout the process, there will be meetings to touch base so that you can monitor the progress of the build!



Package Includes:


4-7 Pages – Home, Services Page, About Us/Your Story page, Contact Us, Request a Quote, Your "Shop" (Products/Paint Lines/Furniture, etc...).



  • SEO – You will be able to be found in Google keyword searches!


  • Google Analytics – You can see how many visitors you are getting to your site and choose to live chat with them on your site!


  • Mobile Friendly – Your site can be seen on all devices.


  • Safety – Your site is safe and an SSL Certificate will be provided.


  • Training - don't worry we will show you how to add a product/service from your app on your mobile device or computer with a few easy clicks!


So yeah, what are you waiting for?!?


Purchase your site by clicking on the product below!


All website sales are final, no refunds will be given for any reason.  Please let us know of course if there is anything you don't love as we always will do our best to fix it, (some changes may incur a cost).