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interior space design

"A Minimalist approach to Maximalist decor, through a long winding corridor of Diverse Experiences of Rich Nostalgia that innately cause a Dopamine effect you must Feel to understand."

Rooted in the heart of Kansas City, MTM Artistry, creates spaces that enhance the lives of those who dwell in them. We believe your space should be as diverse as the experiences happening inside of it. 

Serving Local Kansas City Area / Serving Nationwide Virtually / Limited Services Internationally


Upgrade your room from ordinary to extraordinary with my complete room design service. We will source or incorporate furniture pieces, wall treatments, paint colors, appliances, etc... Then hand pick all your decor and desired accessories for your daily use.  We believe in the actual USE of era specific accessories mixed with modern conveniences, for an organic experience in your room you and your guests will never forget! Let's get started on that room you have been waiting for!

room design

our philosophy & us

MTM Artistry is your life, designed.

We are rules breakers and don't believe a modern home should have to conform to the old "house rules", but instead should enhance and elevate your everyday life. If your dining room would be more utilized as a 70's cigar bar, or your soaking tub would ideally be in a forest- bring on the smoker's tables and let's create a living wall mural in your master bath! Meleah Klein is a world known furniture artist, unique interior designer, and vintage connoisseur, sharing her grass roots beginning, and over six year creative business journey across social media! Characterized for romanticizing color, embracing old finishes, and highlighting character, her style has evolved into an entire design style of it's own. Meleah has a passion for articulating a client's unique story or brand by implementing interiors that are rich with meaning. We use rare vintage pieces from iconic eras paired with modern design elements to initiate an experience and evoke a feeling, perhaps of a different place or time, inside your personally curated space!


nook/designated space

Whether you're dreaming of a styled wall mural, or a bespoke bar; a cozy corner breakfast nook, or a live plant wall, we are here for it!  At MTM Artistry, we have a long time love affair with small spaces that make a big impact.  Creating a designated space, inside of an existing room, for the thing in life that brings you joy, is a large part of why we do what we do. So what are you waiting for, let's find that perfect corner in your home and start planning your happy space!

I can't believe we actually said that out loud, but hear us out!

We realize if you aren't local, we may not physically be able to curate inside of your living room or storefront. The good news is, because of technology, we have a "next best thing" solution!  Born from a desire to help anyone on her social platforms, whether near or far, to have that space they can escape to, be inspired by, or utilize in a way that stimulates experiences. MTM Artistry is now offering interior design services as well as DIY advice VIRTUALLY, utilizing her expertise in running a successful creative business of over six years and counting!  Meleah's furniture art has been displayed and sold nationwide at several high end stores & boutiques including the historic Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.  She has worked with major international brands, taught her techniques to hundreds of artists, and coached other creative business owners worldwide how do the same.  Our on-demand services are designed to meet modern day demand, so what are you waiting for... pick the option that works best for you! We are so excited to show up for you this way, and can't wait to chat face to face!


  • The "Quick Chat" 15min Live Video Call for On-Call DIY Advice

  • The "Mini Session" 30min Live Video Call for DIY or Design Deep Dive

  • The "Consultation" 60min Live Video Call for Your Dream Design Discovery

  • The "Creative Companion" Package of 8 Mini Sessions Virtually In Your Studio! For the DIY'er Wanting Ongoing Mentorship or Assistance

technology is great


"Looking for that one-of-a-kind piece to give your space a heartbeat? We can source or create that element that makes you excited to enter a room daily. Whether it's a vintage velvet sofa, mid-century light fixture, or the desire to be the envy of the neighborhood with an antique carved wood front door-  We promise to give you that wow factor. So what are you waiting for, let's chat face to face and find your special something now....

statement piece

our products


I have no rules, we buy what we love, from home décor to architectural finds!  I often create "bundles" of mismatched pieces to create a look and show how I would use them! We rarely see the same thing twice, so when you see something you love, you most likely won't see it again!  We shop and ship often to create an unique experience each time you shop. Feel free to chat live while you stroll our virtual aisles!


Meleah's painting style has been labeled "Romantic Grunge", characterized for romanticizing colorful old finishes stained by decades of use, overgrown by elements of the forest, or sun burned by the dawn of a bright window.  Meleah's art is all original, a fusion of Furniture Art and her journey through various other mediums!


*Inventory is ever changing, and commissioned work is limited to a case by case basis.


We have a deep love for everything vintage, the energy the pieces hold and the stories of their past creates a bond much deeper then buying off the store shelf.  We do all the estate sale hunting and digging through dilapidated mansions hand- picking the best quality and iconic styles. Next, we thoughtfully create a scene or moment with a group of items that we feel belong together to tell their story!  From your vanity to your kitchen, we offer an effortless way to add a touch of nostalgia to your life!

the virtual

vintage store

commercial services

In every commercial space we style or design, we don't just see a location; we see a canvas for your brand's narrative and your "why" factor. At MTM Artistry myself and my team work to understand not only your needs and style, but how you work in your space and the feeling you want it to give others when they step inside.  We curate environments that are not only functional, but inspire and echo your brand's soul. 


*Ask about our seasonal service plans for window displays, entryway focal points, and counter decor, including exquisite florals and nostalgic scents for your office or retail location!*


Share information on a previous project here to attract new clients. Provide a brief summary to help visitors understand the context and background of the work.

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Behind the Scenes

I believe that every space can tell a story. Through my art, design, and vintage store; I strive to inspire you to find purpose in the pieces of the past, and beauty in the faded and a bit broken, because aren't we all? 

We have documented our journey from our "grass roots" beginning, and continue to do so today, taking you along our over six year creative roller coaster!  I hope you will follow us on social media to get to know us, with all the dirt and the grit, as we find our way through our next chapter of our crazy little vintage world!

behind the scenes

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