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hand-picked and paired vintage pieces to create a bohemian style that's just for you!

Welcome to The Singin' Bohemian, where shop the estate sales of dilapidated old mansions of Kansas City for rare vintage finds! I record our journey and take you with me into the attics, basements, and bedrooms of these exquisite estates for a glimpse into their past.  Innately drawn to the feminine and colorful vibe of the 50's & 70's, I enjoy the character and grit that a piece has to show me!  I have no rules, we buy what we love, from home decor and personal belongings, to architectural finds!  I often create "bohemian bundles" of mismatched pieces to create a look, then stage them in my own home or on me to show how I would use them! Be sure to read the description to know what's included and read any details or background we have on the piece! We rarely see the same thing twice, so when you see something you love, you most likely won't see it again!  We shop and ship often to create an unique experience each time you enter, and ensure you receive your pieces promptly! Feel free to chat with me live while you shop our virtual aisles! Happy Hunting!

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