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In early 2003, when Nick and I were casting for the Sci-Fi Channel’s episode "Trapped in the Net," we couldn’t have envisioned a feature with more of a contemporary theme than something like "cell phones and computer technology." In the year 2003, phones were becoming more and more powerful and they were now far more versatile. And that’s a perfect fit with the multi-faceted and it’s labyrinthine story. So after an initial brainstorming session with writer Duncan Jones, we agreed on a story idea for and the episode's director, Danny Cannon. The plan was to explore the phenomenon of a person in space, with "earthly problems" such as economic, legal, and medical; and then reveal that the person was in fact a computer, created by a corporation as a gestalt personality, which could solve the problems by splitting off into multiple components. (Nick dubbed it a “digital person” and he even had an original rap he wrote for the character, which I can’t find online right now.) The character would be able to "split off" into multiple personalities as needed, each of which would be capable of solving problems independently. But as we got into the idea, we soon realized that there were many characters to fit the concept, each with their own personality. So we began to brainstorm what each one might be like and how they’d react to the “real world.” And since there were some technology limitations that we couldn’t really get around, we decided to bring on a talented screenwriter, Stuart Beattie, who had worked on the original Lost episode "The Man From Tallahassee," and his friend, writer Patrick Fischler, to help with the story, once the idea was fleshed out. And that’s how Nick, Duncan, Stuart, and I wound up collaborating on the concept of the two Dominics, the original Master, and the Series. This episode is the result of our collaboration. Our story: After the genesis of Earth’s first true artificial being, a company named creates the girl/boy robot, named Series, because a man is forbidden by law from creating such a thing. As the years pass, the Series slowly makes its way into human society, learning about our language, culture, and society. But when the company realizes that




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