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Meet "My Fair Lady"

This little cabinet is a tribute piece to my late father-in-law, whom loved music and handed down to us his old vinyl collection. This album cover inspired me to remember a simpler time of broadway musicals, dancing in streets, and of course- Audrey! Famously she sings, "If you love me, show me!"

So this is what I will do, I will show my love for you with all the colors of the paint, the salt of my tears and the sweet sound only vinyl can make, echoing through my studio walls.

Recipe for this finish: Custom Blend of Tea Rose & Peony (for the body), Terracotta (for the age around sides), Barn Red, Fluff, Midnight Sky, Colonel Mustard, Yankee Blue, Florida Orange, Honky Tonk Red (for details),Gator Hide for the decoupaged old sheet music, Easy Peasy Spray Wax and The New Gilding Wax Black (for the grunge). Click on the photo beneath to get everything for this finish shipped to your doorstep...Then click on the close up picture below to get your hands on that building transfer in the background...


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