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Meet "Adore Me Adelaide"

This new nightstand was given an extreme reverse-aging makeover! I imagine this piece would have been painted, wallpapered, and left out on the front porch of her daddy's farm when she moved out. The elements of nature took a toll on this beauty, leaving only the memories of a girl and a coming of age.

Recipe for this grungy finish:


-Holy Guacamole


-The Gulf

-Rebel Yellow


-Sea Spray Texture Additive (mixed all colors except Buttercream to give texture)

-Best Dang Wax Black (for grunge)

-Decoupage paper from Hobby Lobby!

-IOD Stamps- Backplates (around hardware)

-Moonshine Metallics Steel Magnolia (for IOD backplate stamps)

Get everything needed for this look by clicking on the picture beneath...


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