How to Restore MCM Furniture Without Stripping Or Using A Sander, with Gel Stain

I will show you how to refinish Mid Century Modern end tables without using stripper or a sander for a two toned finish!

I bought these tables off Facebook Marketplace and they were beautiful, but they had a ton of small nicks all over the tops!

First, I cleaned them well with White Lightning, rinsed with water, then smoothed over that rough surface of chipped poly by hand with a Surf Prep Rad Pad. I started with "Fine" grit then moved to "Very Fine" for a smooth finish!

Now after looking at all my stains I had accumulated over time, I could not quite match the color of the body of these tables, so I decided not to match at all! I went with a two-toned finish, choosing a deep walnut No Pain Gel Stain for the top, and then the drawer fronts to pull it all together!

I applied the Gel Stain using a chip brush working in a vertical motion to give the modern contrasting lines with the original finish peeking through. I then went around the edges working in a horizontal motion to give the modern look of the original boards.(*If you desire a smooth even finish instead of modern lines, I would reccomend an Applicator Pad to apply).