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How to Restore MCM Furniture Without Stripping Or Using A Sander, with Gel Stain

I will show you how to refinish Mid Century Modern end tables without using stripper or a sander for a two toned finish!

I bought these tables off Facebook Marketplace and they were beautiful, but they had a ton of small nicks all over the tops!

First, I cleaned them well with White Lightning, rinsed with water, then smoothed over that rough surface of chipped poly by hand with a Surf Prep Rad Pad. I started with "Fine" grit then moved to "Very Fine" for a smooth finish!

Now after looking at all my stains I had accumulated over time, I could not quite match the color of the body of these tables, so I decided not to match at all! I went with a two-toned finish, choosing a deep walnut No Pain Gel Stain for the top, and then the drawer fronts to pull it all together!

I applied the Gel Stain using a chip brush working in a vertical motion to give the modern contrasting lines with the original finish peeking through. I then went around the edges working in a horizontal motion to give the modern look of the original boards.(*If you desire a smooth even finish instead of modern lines, I would reccomend an Applicator Pad to apply).

(*No Pain Gel Stain by Dixie Belle Paint Company is unique in that you do not need to apply it over raw wood, you can apply this right over a finished surface, even laminate)! I did not wipe this back at all, I simply applied then let dry for at least 48 hours.

Once fully dry, (*be sure your surface is free of any dust), I used the applicator pad to apply Dixie Belle's Gator Hide, which is a super strong, water resistant top coat best for a surface that will have a drink sat down or possibly spilled on it! (*Be sure your Gator Hide is at least room temp, it likes to be warm for smoothest application, and be sure to stir not shake, as it will get thick on the bottom)

I applied my first coat in the same direction as my lines and was careful to go over more that twice on the same spot, Gator Hide is thick and you do not want to over work it! I waited until the next morning to apply my second coat, then a few hours after that, my third! (*The Dixie Belle applicator pad creates a smooth pristine finish with equal application and no brush strokes, my preferred method for applying all top coats!)

Oh and for that silver hardware, I choose a bronze finish original to that era! I coated in slick stick since it was a shiny chrome, let cure overnight, then used Gilding Wax in Bronze. I applied with my finger tip and an artist brush (*put your screws back in the hardware after you remove so you can hold onto them and avoid touching the handle while applying!)

I conditioned the original wood on the sides and legs using Big Mama's Butta in Orange. I applied with an applicator pad to make any imperfections disappear and restore its original luster!

Look at how cool that drawer front looks against the original grain! You almost believe it was crafted with two different types of wood!

Finally, I decided for a little flare, I'd add a silkscreen stencil to the side of the drawers to give a bohemian vibe! I used Dixie Belle's Silkscreen Stencil Mandala, and applied Rusty Nail paint color with a blue sponge for a super fine, super easy, detailed application!

I would swear these came right out of the seventies!

Recipe of Dixie Belle Products to create this two toned wood grain:

For Prep:

-White Lightning Cleaner:

-Rad Pads:

For The Two Toned Tops and Drawer Fronts:

-No Pain Gel Stain:

-Chip Brush

For Top Coating Tops and Drawer Fronts:

-Applicator Pads

-Gator Hide

For the Conditioning of the Original Wood (legs):

-Big Mama's Butta

Bohemian "Henna Tattoo" Drawer Sides:

-Silkscreen Stencil, Mandala

-Chalk Mineral Paint, Rusty Nail

-Blue Sponge Applicator

For The Hardware:

-Slick Stick (for adhesion)

-Gilding Wax, Bronze

-Gator Hide to seal

ORDER ALL your Dixie Belle and Woodubend Products here:

*Some of these links may be affiliate links and I may earn a small credit for those orders, this blog/video is not sponsored by anyone.

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