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Bathroom Cabinet Makeover | A Moroccan Tile, Delftware Pottery Look!

How to use Dixie Belle Paint Company's new Silk Mineral Paint, Silkscreen Stencils and some Woodubend trim to create a very Moroccan tiled Delftware pottery vibe! This furniture flip begins with a vintage medicine cabinet from the side of the road, set out for trash! Follow along as I show you how came to this fresh and vibrant look that takes you away to another country!

What a transformation!


I prepped by cleaning with White Lightning and rinsing, then scuff sanding with a rad pads. Then I chose Silk All-In-One Mineral paint by Dixie Belle Paint Company because it has a built in primer and topcoat and it is mildew and water resistant. This paint is absolutely perfect for a bathroom piece, and I didn't even have to topcoat! I started with Silk Whitecap on the center panels, then framed the panels, doors, and columns in Silk Sun Kissed, to add contrast. Next, I added Silk Quiet Cove on the remainder of the doors and then used Silk Nautical for the top, bottom, and around each column! Using a dry brush, I applied a tiny amount of the Silk Sun Kissed lightly over the nautical giving a weathered look!

Now time to create those Moroccan tiles! I grabbed the silkscreen stencil- mosaic by Dixie Belle Paint Company, and cut out the little mosaic pieces and began sticking them in a row! I cut a wedge out of the blue sponge and used that to apply paint to parts of each stencil in Quiet Cove and parts in Nautical. I kept using the same stencils over and over in a pattern until it was complete down the centers of each door!

Then I decided to add this teeny tiny trim by Woodubend Mouldings, to separate and frame out each stencil to give a tile effect! I applied the trim by heating with a heat gun until floppy, then using Titebond wood glue to apply (*see video tutorial below of how I did this).

I used an artist brush and some Silk Sandcastle to dry brush over the trim for a tile grout effect! Then to add to the moroccan vibe, I decided to add the Silkscreen Stencil Mandala trim and applied again with blue sponge and the color Nautical- this addition made all the difference in this look!(*Silkscreen stencils give super fine detail and are reusable multiple times, each stencil comes with several designs!)

I knew it didn't look authentic yet, so Gilding Wax Bronze to the rescue applied after spritzing some Easy Peasy Spray Wax! I used this with a tiny artist brush in all the corners and edges to create age! (*the video tutorial of this step is below)

Finally, I knew it needed to be brighter and more defined, I wanted it to really pop! So, I went with Voodoo Gel Stain in Denim applied over Easy Peasy Spray Wax again using a small artist brush. This really made her color stand out and gave me travel vibes for sure! (*video tutorial of this step is below). Check out the difference from the left side (with denim), to the right side (without), can you see it? It's these small details that can really make a piece go from pretty, to WOW!

Great news, I didn't even have to topcoat this!!! Yes, you heard me, the best thing about Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint, (in my opinion), is the fact that it has a built-in topcoat that is water and mildew resistant!

As far as hardware goes, there is a story to that! I had been telling my father how much I loved the Amber Bakelite hardware that comes standard on most waterfall style furniture pieces, and I had a wardrobe that was missing a knob. Now, my father enjoys creating handmade stones from materials all over the world, so he decided to make these large Amber knobs, attach them to copper backs, and surprise me! I am obsessed, honestly these knobs are the perfect final touch this vintage medicine cabinet needed to complete the look!

Meet Zahra

A Moroccan beauty with a delftware vibe! This vintage medicine cabinet from the side of the road has sure been given new another country perhaps!

Paint Recipe:

To Prep:

To Paint:

-Silk All-In-One Paint in Nautical -

-Silk All-In-One Paint in Quiet Cove -

-Silk All-In-One Paint in White Cap -

To Make the Tiles:

-Mandala Silkscreen Stencil (for the stenciled trim around doors)-

-Silk All-In-One Paint in Sand Castle (to paint trim)-

To Create Age or Grunge:

To Brighten & Highlight:



How to make the tiles by applying Woodubend:

How to add the aged look to the piece:

How to highlight and brighten the blues:

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Happy Painting



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