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sugar skulls Halloween décor.

learn how to paint vintage strawberries.

how to stencil floor tile.

reclaimed architectural salvage.

ikea nightstand makeover.

thrift store haul.

thrift store finds.

how to apply decoupage with gator hide.

laminate desk furniture flip.

patio sofa makeover.

mid century modern diy wallpaper.

zentangle dresser makeover.

bathroom cabinet makeover. how to use voodoo gel stain.

bathroom cabinet makeover. how to use gilding wax.

bathroom cabinet makeover. how to use woodubend mouldings.

dresser makeover. painted hardware.

dresser makeover. romantic grunge.

testing silk all-in-one paint.

painting with sanding sponge and silk paint.

how to paint fabric.

paint upholstery with polka dots.

distress painted fabric with surfprep rad pads.

paint metal hardware, try the new gemstone mousse.

how to use dark wax for aged look.

how to apply silk screen stencils.

how to paint a vintage vanity table.

how to use flocking spray on your christmas tree.

how to make concrete countertops over laminate.

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